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What is the difference between water-based inks and inks?

What is the difference between water-based inks and inks?

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The level of dye ink molecules completely dissolves the ink. This ink is a complete and complicated solution. The blocking probability is very small. The ink head is easily absorbed by the human body after printing. The color is bright and the construction cost is low.
The disadvantage is that it is not waterproof, and because the dye molecules are rapidly decomposed under ultraviolet light, the use of outdoor ultraviolet rays is markedly faded within one month.
The advantages are brightly colored, well-defined and relatively low-priced pigment inks, so print photos, make inkjet business cards and other uses for selected products.
The correct image of the pigment ink is powdery ink. Of course, this is just the kind of image that is controversial and not accurate enough. Precisely, it is a pigment that is ground into very small solid particles. A solution or suspension dissolved in a special aqueous solvent is called a semi-solution, and the clothes are printed with our nature pigments. And the dye ink penetrates into the medium, and then the color forming principle is completely opposite, which is connected to the colored surface of the medium by a color material such as copy paper or printing paper.
Therefore, the advantage is that when printing with pigment ink, even if printing ink on plain paper does not bleed, and because the paint itself is waterproof and resistant to UV breakage, it is waterproof and light, and prints things even outdoors. Can maintain a decline of more than one year without obvious signs.
The disadvantage is that most of the pigment ink will leave the color material on the surface, so even if the bright paper flat surface is printed on the paper, the glossy image cannot be printed, which is why the general pigment ink is printed. The reason is not shiny. In addition, the production of higher cost pigment inks, dye inks, so the price is relatively expensive, which spreads two to four times more
The thermal transfer image is colorful and rich in layers, and the effect is comparable to printing. The difference is that the heat transfer is at a high temperature to sublimate the thermal transfer ink, penetrate the surface of the medium, and sublimate to form an image. Therefore, the film is not formed on the surface of the medium, and the image does not fall off, does not crack, and the light is very strong, and the color does not fade after a long time.